Because we are now into techno world which computer more evolve. On line games are more now interesting for most of us especially to our kids. Outdoor activities are need to be explore and introduce especially to children out there who enjoy most staying house and all day playing games ,watching video. So how do we let them go out and try some activity. Here are some activities you can let them play and indulge.

How about going to park with your family, do the usual things that you can see in the park like the swing, Oh! Ask someone to push you higher when you are swinging it’s a lot of fun, how about see saw, it’s also an enjoyable activity with your family can try, slide, wow! This sounds so much fun sliding down with your friends. Then flying a kite .this is some kind of interesting you make your own kite and make it fly as high as it can. Park is also a happy place to have some fun.outdoor games and sport

Going to the zoo ,this is good activity that you can try also ,Adults and children will enjoy watching and learning about animals .Learning at the same time enjoying all together in one fabulous day in going to the zoo.

Bird watching, this is some kind of another learning for us, you can see different trees where birds live, all kinds of birds, kids will certainly appreciate this activity they make their mind work as they thinking of why this species are flying so they using their mind to explore on what they saw at their surroundings.

How about joining a fun run, you are going to run and makes your body moves again and burn those excess fats in your tummy aside from it’s a good activity to bond with your family some are racing campaign through fun run to help a certain raising of organization like they use the money you register to feed homeless kids or maybe help provide foods for our home for the aged.outdoor activities

Surfing, if you are not afraid of waves and can dance along with it this is the best activity that is fun to do.

Mountain climbing, a couple of hours walking and getting along with bushes is another way of building up your stamina.

Fishing, this is so cool to do which your heart and soul can relax. You can also try watching sunrise or sunset. Reading is a must activity to do your adding more learning and your mind creativity will surely work and you can gasp a lot of information that you can use in your everyday life.