Camping is a beautiful possibility that allows us to enjoy contact with nature, personal discovery, sharing with family and friends in a different environment, and it is an excellent opportunity to find another way with children. The fact of feeling pleasure, joy or surprise for the infinite possibilities offered by a landscape, fishing, preparing a mate at dawn, watching the sunset or singing late in front of a stove, are healthy activities that allow “health promotion” and they take us away from the diseases and stress of post-modern life.outdoor camping

A characteristic of the health promotion that makes camping possible is that people have a positive attitude towards their vacations. Enrique PitonRiviera -father of Social Psychology in Argentina- states that the active subject is that protagonist of his daily life, who does not have a passive attitude towards it. This action and creativity contribute to promoting health.

The current life is fundamentally urban, and the western society in which we live is mediated by the laws of the market, consumption, individualism, etc. Our daily routines are far from being creative and developing inappropriate work environments and personal relationships that generate good links. The distances to workplaces are vast and transports, in many cases, inadequate. Also, the options for using free time are scarce, and financial resources are also limited.

There are infinite examples of post-modern life that contribute to alienating people. We merely mention some to support further the need to perform pleasurable activities, in this case in the natural environment, which promote health and keep us away from the diseases that daily life causes.

From this point of view, it is not that vacationers are mere spectators of what happens and passive consumers of everything that the leisure industry offers. We want the progressive attitude to be present at the time of innovating in free time: in camping, there are things to do, we must program, decide, act and it is an excellent opportunity to incorporate the members of our family or friends to project an adventure where all are essential actors.