Alcohol Addiction affects every kind of person differently. Some people can effectively limit their alcohol consumption. However, there are also some who finds it hard to control their alcohol consumption. The effects of alcohol can even worsen depending on the amount he or she consumed, his/her medical history, alcohol tolerance, or if he or she drank alcohol with drugs regardless of its legality.

Alcohol addiction affects your body internally and externally. You may not see the effects of alcohol abuse inside your body but you should not ignore them. Often times, alcoholism’s harmful effects only show up at the latter stage of your life, making it hard to be cured of the health complications it brought you. Here are the adverse effects of alcohol addiction in your body.


The effect of alcohol in your brain can be felt quickly. Temporary complication like memory loss and coordination can be caused by drinking. Prolonged and long-term side effects of your brain include damage to the different regions of your brain especially to your cerebellum, cerebral cortex and limbic system.


Your heart gets the most negative effect from alcohol addiction. The heart of a heavy drinker or a drunkard gets weaker over time, thus affecting the way oxygen and nutrients are sent to your body’s vital organs. Too much alcohol consumption increases a kind of fat in your body called the triglyceride. Having high levels of triglyceride increases your risk in developing life threatening health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Other effects caused by alcohol addiction to the heart include high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, cardiomyopathy, stroke and sudden cardiac death.


Heavy drinkers increase their risk of acquiring harmful and life-threatening liver problems. Your liver processes and breaks down alcohol and removes it from your blood as you drink. But having too much alcohol in just a short span of time can overpower your body’s natural metabolism process and can lead to a fatty liver. Having a fatty liver can cause liver failure and type 2 diabetes.

Other negative effects brought by too much alcohol consumption to your liver include alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis. These conditions may be treatable but it would require you a very intensive and expensive treatment plan. Alcohol addiction can cause your dreams and goals to break down. However, when you start quitting alcohol and lead a healthier life, you may achieve this as quick as possible. Its time to stop alcohol abuse and live a healthy and strong life.